Consultation Fees

Initial consultation fees are €65.00.
All follow-up treatments cost €65.00.
Treatment sessions are 40 minutes in duration.

Insurance information

The cost of your treatment can be greatly reduced if you have your own health insurance. We recommend that you check your policy details to see exactly how much of a reimbursement you are entitled to, as the amount can vary between each company.

Tax Relief

Physiotherapy charges qualify for Health/Medical Expenses tax relief. For example, if you spend €55 on physiotherapy and you receive €35 from your health insurance company, then the remainder of €20 is subject to tax relief. From 1 January 2009, relief is granted at the standard rate of Income Tax of 20% so you can receive a further €4.00 in tax relief resulting in a €39 reimbursement per visit. For more information go to